Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yummy Pork Roast

My family LOVED this! It is a must try. ~Shelly

Forgive me for not give exact amounts but it isn't necessary. Just take into consideration the size of the Pork roast. :)

Brown roast in a bit of oil after you dip roast in flour and salt mixture.

Mix in a bowl:

One small bottle of Russian Salad Dressing, add an equal amount of honey. Use your discretion for the size of the roast. Then add dry Lipton Onion Soup mix. Use one or two packets of this depending on the size of the pork roast.

Pour over roast. Wrap the roast tightly with foil. Baste roast about every 1/2 hour. Remove the foil cover the last 1/2 hour of cooking and be sure to use a thermometer so it is cooked to perfection.



Jen said...

So what is the total cooking time? It says to baste every half hour, but how many hours does it cook for?
Just wondering! said...

Hey Jen,
It is about an hour to an hour and a half. It depends on what the thermometer reads and the size of the roast. Now that you have me thinking about this sure sounds good. :)